Not only are these names forgettable, but they create an additional obstacle if the company grows, the owner wants to take on a partner, or eventually sell the business. What new business owner wants someone else’s name on the front door? No one, unless the names is E.F. Hutton, or a legacy brand that has earned its reputation over time. Most new businesses don’t have the luxury of time to build their brand message. So what are some successful naming strategies for consultants? Let’s take a look…

Rather than taking the predictable path of a mediocre company name, why not create something that helps to provide a sense of the company’s meaning, purpose and direction? Here are a few such naming strategies, specifically for consulting companies.

Brand Naming Approach

Blend art with science

Brother’s brand naming consulting process blends art with science, and begins with the development of a brand naming brief to drive the generative process around relevant insight

Dedicated Creative Team

Our creative team of copywriters, linguists, and brand naming consultant experts then develop a broad array of naming alternatives, using a variety of creative– and research–based techniques

Tight Screening

The name alternatives are then screened for strategic fit, auditory and linguistic appeal and trademark availability, to inform the recommended “short list” of names

Maximizing The Full Potential

Creative concepts, including brand logos and website homepage designs, are often developed to help illustrate the full potential and select the new brand name

Brand Naming Issues

What should the offering be named?

What should the offering be named, and what should the name communicate? Are there unique product or service attributes, market-based metaphors or desired customer end-states that should underlie the name?

How does the name comply?

How does the name comply with the overall company and brand architecture to improve clarity, synergy and leverage?

Does the brand name pass required screens?

Does the brand name pass required screens – across strategic fit, auditory appeal, linguistic, legal and website/URL availability?

What is the naming and nomenclature system?

What is the naming and nomenclature system to align product and service offerings, both today and in the future?
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